Historically, glue code has been source code used solely to adapt different parts of incompatible code.
In the cloud transformation era, the parts that we need to adapt are infrequently pieces of code; most likely we interact with heterogeneous, API-driven, event driven and cloud oriented services.
How can we reduce the subsequent increase of glue code and meet business requirements? What advantages do we get from serverless approach? What are the correct design patterns? In this workshop we will show you how to leverage AWS Lambda and Amazon API Gateway to reduce time-to-market and the amount of glue code needed to implement a web application that collect data from various sources and send events notifications to third party services like Slack or Twilio.

Topics covered

  • – API Gateway
  • – AWS Lambda
  • – Authentication Services (IAM, Cognito)
  • – Continuous Integration (CodePipeline)
  • – Monitoring & Logging
  • – Adding 3rd party integrations


What we will do

Why not try out building a new Serverless glue app for your own organization?

There is a growing demand for enterprise software solutions that are easy to build and quick to deploy. The low infrastructure cost of serverless makes creating small, highly specific services a very attractive option.
Glue applications are a hugely powerful way of using serverless techniques in AWS, and other platforms.

In this hands-on workshop we will create an authenticated app that capture events and publish notifications to an external webhook upon reaching a threshold.
We will walk through the codebase and show how to build and deploy it as a scalable custom web application.
We use AWS Lambda as our core computing service and we will integrate third party services for data input/output.

It’s time to glue everything together and put all web components into action.

Enroll now

The course will be held in italian, march 8th, 10:00 – 18:00 in Bologna.
Early bird tickets are € 180 VAT included.
You can pay by card or by bank transfer, fill out the registration form below with the data required for the invoice.

For further info and group discounts: training@xpeppers.com


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